14 Mar 2013: e360 Video

Into the Heart of Ecuador’s Yasuni

Few places on earth harbor as much biodiversity as Ecuador’s Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, which sits atop vast deposits of oil and now faces intense development pressure. In a Yale Environment 360 video, filmmaker Ryan Killackey travels to the heart of Yasuni with scientists inventorying its stunning wildlife and plants. The researchers hope their work will bolster initiatives to preserve this threatened land.

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Damned, it is always the same story. Without doubt, this paradise will be changed into something else. Good initiative of the scientists to try to explore it's REAL richness.

Posted by Marc Sommer on 14 Mar 2013

Very interesting video. However, I must say that the Yasuní ITT initiative, did not come from the UN. It was proposed by Ecuador's president to the UN in 2007.


Posted by Enrique Avilés on 15 Mar 2013

Great video and perspective on what is happening there. I was is Yasuni 20 years ago and came back 2x after. It is a remarkable place. We all must to what we can to preserve this place.

Posted by Colleen Slocombe on 15 Mar 2013

I spent some time in the reserve a couple years ago and briefly observed many creatures (including a 3-4 foot long worm like creature - cecilia and very exotic insect life). The people living there also have abilities we "civilized" folks have long ago lost too. To destroy this area is akin to torching all the paintings of the expressionists (unfortunately that would probably provoke more outrage) as, once its gone, its forever and the place is breathtakingly beautiful. Hope your efforts will make a difference.

Posted by Maylou Shinbane on 15 Mar 2013

A swath won't do at all. We have to stop destroying the planet. We have the knowledge to eliminate the need for fossil fuels if the leaders of the world would come together and agree to embark on a green energy initiative. This would save the planet and rebuild the economies around the world as there would be jobs available in every nation!

Posted by Bryna Pizzo on 16 Mar 2013

This should come out in the movies just as Al Gore's movies did. People should know about Yasuní and about Ecuador's plans to exploit oil of these areas. You should launch this documentary all over the world.

Posted by Julia on 17 Mar 2013

Thanks for everyone's comments. I am working on a much longer version of this that will be complete at the the end of 2013. The feature film will explore in much greater depth all of the issues in Yasuni and will have an advocacy campaign built around it. For now, please help share this film through social media and word of mouth. Thanks for your support!

Posted by Ryan Killackey on 18 Mar 2013

Great emphasis has to be placed on Ecuador, with 2,211 endangered species. It is the nation in the world, with the most endangered species. Ecuador is biologically-rich, but it is also biologically threatened.

Posted by Tim Upham on 21 Mar 2013

Enjoyed the film and its message. Please help me to get in touch with the people who did the bird surveys mentioned in the film. I would like to compare my data with theirs. I have been doing bird surveys on the Shiripuno River with the Waorani where there is more impact on the fauna from traditional uses. Thanks!

Posted by Dr. Dusti Becker on 31 Mar 2013

What do you think about the failure of the Yasuni ITT initiave to get enough funds to keep oil underground (now that president Correa declared that it is not going further and the oil exploitation will start)?
Posted by Gustavo Morejon on 06 Oct 2013


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