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23 Sep 2016: World’s Coffee Supply Threatened by Climate Change, Report Says

22 Sep 2016: What’s Killing the Native Birds in The Mountain Forests of Kauai?

21 Sep 2016: Paris Climate Agreement Moves One Step Closer to Entering Into Force

20 Sep 2016: China Leads in Wind Installation, But Continues to Prioritize Coal in the Grid

19 Sep 2016: Arctic Sea Ice Extent in 2016 Ties As Second Lowest in the Satellite Record

16 Sep 2016: New Survey Highlights Recent Widespread Bird Loss in North America

15 Sep 2016: Obama Announces First Marine Protected Area off U.S. East Coast

14 Sep 2016: Islamic Leaders Issue Fatwa on Indonesia’s Slash-and-Burn Agriculture

12 Sep 2016: Dolphins Speak in Ways Similar To Human Conversation, Finds New Study

09 Sep 2016: Popular Insecticide Reduces Queen Bees’ Ability To Lay Eggs, Study Finds

08 Sep 2016: The World Has Lost 10 Percent Of Its Wilderness Over Last Two Decades

08 Sep 2016: Clinton vs. Trump: A Sharp Divide Over Energy and the Environment

07 Sep 2016: Costa Rica Runs on Renewable Energy For More Than Two Months Straight

02 Sep 2016: Scientists Have Found Another Massive Reef In Australia

01 Sep 2016: Newly Discovered Fossils Break Record, Dating Back 3.7 Billion Years Ago

01 Sep 2016: Interview: Exploring How and Why Trees ‘Talk’ to Each Other

30 Aug 2016: To Stop Poachers, Zimbabwe Begins Dehorning Entire Rhino Population

29 Aug 2016: Thousands of Homes Keep Flooding, Yet They Keep Being Rebuilt Again

26 Aug 2016: Ragweed Allergies Could Double In Europe as Global Temperatures Rise

25 Aug 2016: Scientists Find New Way To Convert Carbon Dioxide into Energy

24 Aug 2016: How Elephant Seals Are Helping Scientists Study Climate Change

23 Aug 2016: Study Shows Humans Learning To Use Natural Resources More Efficiently

22 Aug 2016: For China’s Massive Data Centers, A Push to Cut Energy and Water Use

19 Aug 2016: Scientists Find 1,075-Year-Old Tree in Northern Greece, Europe’s Oldest

18 Aug 2016: Urine From Large Fish Critical To Reef Health—And Fishing Is Reducing It

17 Aug 2016: NASA Graphic Shows Severity of Rainstorm That Caused Louisiana Flooding

16 Aug 2016: July Was the Hottest Month on Record, Continuing Steak of High Temps

15 Aug 2016: Researchers Discover Ocean Crust Dating Back 340 Million Years

12 Aug 2016: July Electric Car Sales in China Rose by 188 Percent Over Last Year

11 Aug 2016: Shipping Noise Causes Whales To Dive More Slowly and Forage Less

09 Aug 2016: Climate Change Has Caused World's Second Largest Lake To Stop Mixing

08 Aug 2016: Ending U.S. Oil Subsidies Would Have Minimal Impact, Study Says

05 Aug 2016: Melting Ice Sheet Could Expose Abandoned U.S. Arctic Military Base

04 Aug 2016: UNESCO Moves To Expand World Heritage Sites Into the Deep Ocean

03 Aug 2016: Roughly 2 Percent of U.S. Homes At Risk from Sea Level Rise, Report Finds

02 Aug 2016: Anthrax Outbreak in Northern Russia Linked to Rising Global Temperatures

01 Aug 2016: Bacteria in Sea Ice Could Play Role in Mercury Pollution in Oceans

29 Jul 2016: Changing Arctic Tundra Could Radically Alter Shorebird Breeding Grounds

27 Jul 2016: Ukraine Looking to Turn Chernobyl Into a Massive Solar Farm

26 Jul 2016: New Zealand to Eradicate All Rats, Stoats, and Possums by 2050

25 Jul 2016: Global Economy Has Reduced Its Energy Intensity By One-Third Since 1990

22 Jul 2016: Ford is Developing Car Parts Made Out of Captured Carbon Dioxide

21 Jul 2016: South Africa’s Great White Shark Population At Risk of Extinction

20 Jul 2016: Global Temperatures Continue To Shatter Heat and Arctic Ice Records

18 Jul 2016: Following El Nino, Amazon At Risk of Intense Wildfire Season

15 Jul 2016: India Plants Nearly 50 Million Trees to Fight Air Pollution, Climate Change

14 Jul 2016: At Ground Zero for Rising Seas, A TV Weatherman Talks Climate

13 Jul 2016: Six Years After BP Spill, Remaining Oil More Toxic Than Ever To Fish

12 Jul 2016: Climate Change Has Shifted The World’s Cloud Cover Over Past 30 Years

11 Jul 2016: Tax Credits Double Projections Of Solar Growth in One U.S. Market

08 Jul 2016: Hundreds of Deaths in 2003 Heat Wave Linked to Climate Change

07 Jul 2016: California’s Redwood Trees Are Best in the World at Storing CO2

06 Jul 2016: As Oceans Become More Acidic, Mussels Could Lose Ability to Hang On

05 Jul 2016: Paris Bans All Pre-1997 Cars During Weekdays to Fight Pollution

30 Jun 2016: Rare Ancient Bird Wings Found In Perfect Condition Preserved in Amber

29 Jun 2016: U.S. Solar Energy Market Experiencing an Unprecedented Boom

28 Jun 2016: U.S., Canada, and Mexico to Set 50 Percent Renewable Power Goal by 2025

27 Jun 2016: Abandoned Coal Mines Emit As Much CO2 as a Small Power Plant

24 Jun 2016: Cities on Six Continents Join Forces to Combat Climate Change

23 Jun 2016: Scientists Discover Contagious Cancer in More Species of Shellfish

23 Jun 2016: Unable to Endure Rising Seas, Alaskan Villages Stuck in Limbo

22 Jun 2016: New NASA Visualization
Illustrates Severity of Recent Texas Floods

20 Jun 2016: 2015 Deadliest Year for Environmentalists on Record, Finds Report

17 Jun 2016: California’s Roadside Trees Provide $1 Billion in Municipal Services

16 Jun 2016: Some Coral Reef “Bright Spots” Remain, Despite Devastating Bleaching

15 Jun 2016: Clean Energy Could Cost Up To 59 Percent Less by 2025, Report Finds

14 Jun 2016: CO2 Crosses 400 ppm For Last Time “Within Our Lifetimes,” Study Warns

13 Jun 2016: California Condor Population Reaches New Heights in 2015

10 Jun 2016: Researchers Find a Way to Turn CO2 Into Rock at Iceland Power Plant

09 Jun 2016: Fish Can Recognize Human Faces, According to One New Study

08 Jun 2016: Sea Ice Hits New Spring Low In the Arctic, Says Federal Agency

06 Jun 2016: Fish Choose Plastic Over Zooplankton in Polluted Waters

03 Jun 2016: Increasing Hurricane Damage Could Strain U.S. Emergency Relief Budget

02 Jun 2016: U.S. Officials Issue a Sweeping Ban On Elephant Ivory Trade

01 Jun 2016: Climate Change Could Be Making Food Crops More Toxic, UN Report Says

31 May 2016: Bees’ Fuzzy Bodies Help Them Detect Electrical Charges From Flowers

27 May 2016: Poland Begins Logging Ancient Forest Despite Fierce Protests

26 May 2016: More Solar Energy Jobs Exist In U.S. Than in Oil and Gas Sector

26 May 2016: For the Endangered American Eel, A Long, Slippery Road to Recovery

25 May 2016: Could This Straddling Bus Help Solve China’s Air Pollution Problem?

24 May 2016: Peru Declares Emergency to Fight Mercury Pollution from Gold Mines

23 May 2016: World Could Warm 8 Degrees Celsius If All Fossil Fuel Reserves Burned

23 May 2016: Interview: CO2 'Air Capture' Could Be Key to Slowing Global Warming

20 May 2016: Obama Looking for Kids As Science Advisors to the White House

19 May 2016: Brewing Company Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings to Save Wildlife

18 May 2016: Trees Sleep, With Branches And Leaves Drooping at Night, New Study Says

17 May 2016: Norwegian Company Building The World’s Largest Floating Wind Farm

16 May 2016: Fumes from Farms Are Top Source of Fine-Particle Pollution

12 May 2016: Despite Push for Renewables, Fossil Fuels Likely to Dominate in 2040

11 May 2016: Bringing Energy Upgrades To the Nation’s Inner Cities

10 May 2016: More than 2,000 New Plant Species Are Found Every Year

09 May 2016: Pacific Northwest Starfish Seem Set for Comeback After Deadly Disease

06 May 2016: Alberta Wildfire Could Unlock Vast Reserves of CO2 from Permafrost

05 May 2016: With Climate Change, It Is Survival of the Oldest, Not the Fittest

04 May 2016: Extreme Heat Could Make Parts of Middle East Uninhabitable by Mid-Century

03 May 2016: A Sea Urchin's Mouth Could Make it Easier to Study Distant Planets

02 May 2016: After a Decade of Decline, Brazil's Deforestation Again on the Rise

29 Apr 2016: Kenya to Burn Ivory to Raise Awareness of Growing Poaching Problem

28 Apr 2016: Half of All Farmed Fish Have Deformed Ear Bones That Cause Hearing Loss

27 Apr 2016: Wooden Skypscrapers Grow in Popularity in Effort to Reduce Emissions


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