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18 Apr 2014: Scale and Extent of Dam Boom In China Is Detailed in Mapping Project

17 Apr 2014: Five Kamchatka Volcanoes Erupt Simultaneously, NASA Images Show

16 Apr 2014: Studying a Polar Menagerie On an Island in Arctic Russia

15 Apr 2014: Solar-Harvesting Windows Possible with Advances in Semiconductors

14 Apr 2014: Despite Stark Warnings, UN Panel Finds Signs of Hope on Climate

11 Apr 2014: Parasitic Flatworm Could Be Major Threat to Coral Reefs, Scientists Say

10 Apr 2014: Mapping Program Helps Cities See Money Saved by Planting Trees

09 Apr 2014: On Far-Flung Wrangel Island, A Scientist Sizes up Muskoxen

08 Apr 2014: 'Living Fences' Dramatically Cut Livestock and Lion Killings in Tanzania

08 Apr 2014: A Personal Note on Peter Matthiessen, Who Wrote Eloquently of the Natural World

07 Apr 2014: Newfound Atmospheric 'Hole' Threatens Polar Ozone Layer, Scientists Say

07 Apr 2014: E360 Announces Contest For Best Environmental Videos

04 Apr 2014: Solar Panels Could Beam Power From Space Down to Earth, U.S. Navy Says

03 Apr 2014: Deforestation of Sandy Soils Increases the Release of CO2, Study Finds

02 Apr 2014: Comment: e360 Point/Counterpoint Debate On University Fossil Fuel Divestment

01 Apr 2014: Delaware River Watershed Is Focus Of Large-Scale Restoration Project

31 Mar 2014: IPCC Issues Stark Report On Present and Future Climate Impacts

28 Mar 2014: West Antarctic Glacial Loss Is Rapidly Intensifying, New Study Shows

27 Mar 2014: Wind Turbine in a Blimp Can Bring Power to Remote Locations

26 Mar 2014: New Satellite Tracks Global Precipitation in Unprecedented Detail

25 Mar 2014: Consumer Products Giants Commit to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil

25 Mar 2014: Five Questions for Mario Molina On Climate Science’s PR Campaign

24 Mar 2014: Ride-Sharing Could Cut Taxi Trips by 40 Percent in NYC, Analysis Shows

21 Mar 2014: Koch Brothers Biggest Lease Holders in Alberta Tar Sands, Report Finds

20 Mar 2014: The 2013-2014 Winter Was The 34th Coldest on Record in U.S., NASA Says

19 Mar 2014: CO2 Levels Have Crossed 400 ppm Threshold Far Earlier This Year

18 Mar 2014: Wildflower Season in Rockies Is 35 Days Longer as Climate Warms

17 Mar 2014: Northeast Greenland Glaciers Are Now Melting Rapidly, Study Finds

14 Mar 2014: Major Winds Have Lashed North Atlantic This Winter, NOAA Map Shows

13 Mar 2014: Solar City Partnering With Best Buy to Sell Residential Solar Leases

12 Mar 2014: Nine Chinese Cities Outpaced Beijing in Air Pollution in 2013, Report Says

11 Mar 2014: 'Space Frame' Wind Tower Allows Turbines to Be Built in Remote Places

10 Mar 2014: Arsenic Remediation Project Will Begin Decontaminating Water in India

07 Mar 2014: U.S. Car-Sharing Programs Have Taken 500,000 Cars off Roads, Report Says

06 Mar 2014: Warm River Water Plays Major Role in Arctic Sea Ice Melt, Study Finds

06 Mar 2014: An e360 Interview with Wendell Berry: Strong Voice for Local Farms and the Land

05 Mar 2014: Routes of Young Sea Turtles Shed Light on Mystery of Turtles' Lost Years

04 Mar 2014: Atlanta Leads U.S. in Electric Vehicle Sales Growth

03 Mar 2014: Harsh Winter Causing Large Die-off of Invasive Insects, Researchers Say

28 Feb 2014: Seafaring Drones Could Reveal Mysterious Lives of Sharks, Researchers Say

27 Feb 2014: Pine Forest Aerosols Play Significant Role in Climate, Study Says

26 Feb 2014: Large Offshore Wind Farms Could Soften Blow of Hurricanes, Study Says

25 Feb 2014: Massive Alaska Avalanche Depicted in NASA Satellite Photograph

24 Feb 2014: Maps Show Extent of Oil and Gas Drilling in Southwest Wyoming

21 Feb 2014: Rewritable Paper and Water Ink Could Cut Paper Waste, Scientists Report

20 Feb 2014: Global Forest Watch Tool Allows 'Near-Real Time' Forest Monitoring

19 Feb 2014: Loss of Arctic Sea Ice Has Greater Warming Impact Than Expected

18 Feb 2014: Website Allows Whistleblowers To Report Wildlife and Forest Crimes

17 Feb 2014: New Maps Pinpointing Wind Turbines Will Help Track Effects on Wildlife

17 Feb 2014: Five Questions for Elizabeth Kolbert On Facing Up to the Sixth Extinction

14 Feb 2014: Climate Benefits of Natural Gas Are Questioned in A Major New Report

13 Feb 2014: Australian Bushfire Has Grown To Size of Melbourne, NASA Image Shows

12 Feb 2014: Despite Costs, Most Americans Want Action on Climate Change, Report Finds

11 Feb 2014: Shrinking Household Size May Offset Progress in Curbing Population

10 Feb 2014: New Plant Found in Andes Supports up to 50 Species, Researchers Say

10 Feb 2014: Photo Essay: In New Orleans, an Architect Makes Water His Ally

07 Feb 2014: Chimpanzee 'Mega-Culture' Documented in Remote Forest in Congo

06 Feb 2014: Maps Show Tropical Corridors Important to Wildlife As Climate Changes

05 Feb 2014: Vast Forests and Frequent Fires Were Key Causes of Ancient Warming

04 Feb 2014: NASA Image of Alaska Depicts Spring-like Temperatures and Thaw

03 Feb 2014: Greenland's Jakobshavn Glacier Is Moving at Record Speeds, Study Finds

31 Jan 2014: U.S. State Department Report Boosts Prospects of Keystone XL Pipeline

30 Jan 2014: NASA Animation Shows
Relentless Pace of Warming Since 1950

29 Jan 2014: Driven by State Incentives Electric Cars Top Vehicle Sales in Norway

28 Jan 2014: Peru Park Holds Record Reptile and Amphibian Diversity, Study Finds

28 Jan 2014: Interview: How Citizen Science Is Aiding and Democratizing Research

27 Jan 2014: Changes in Humidity Are Used to Generate Electricity

24 Jan 2014: Future Olympic Winter Games At Risk as Climate Warms, Researchers Warn

23 Jan 2014: NASA Images Show Severity Of California's Record-Setting Drought

22 Jan 2014: New Virus Associated With Massive Bee Die-Offs, Researchers Report

21 Jan 2014: More Crude Oil Spilled by U.S. Trains in 2013 Than Previous 40 Years

20 Jan 2014: Soil Microbes Can Alter DNA In Response to Climate Change, Study Says

17 Jan 2014: More Than 1,000 Rhinos Poached in 2013, South African Officials Say

16 Jan 2014: Pebble Mine Would Endanger Alaska's Bristol Bay, Major EPA Study Finds

15 Jan 2014: West African Lions Are Critically Close to Extinction, Study Says

14 Jan 2014: Google's Acquisition of Nest Expected to Boost Smart Grid Expansion

14 Jan 2014: Interview: Activist Kumi Naidoo On Russia and the Climate Struggle

13 Jan 2014: Pine Island Glacier Has Melted Beyond Tipping Point, Study Says

10 Jan 2014: Natural Gas Has Sharply Reduced Emissions from Power Plants

09 Jan 2014: Faced With Sea Ice Loss, Emperor Penguins Alter Breeding Tactics

08 Jan 2014: China Approves Major Increase in Huge Coal Mining Projects

07 Jan 2014: Suburbs Offset Low Carbon Footprints of Major U.S. Cities, Study Finds

06 Jan 2014: China Crushes Six Tons Of Ivory to Stem Elephant Poaching

03 Jan 2014: North Dakota Bakken Crude More Explosive Than Expected, Officials Say

02 Jan 2014: Stranded Antarctic Expedition Rescued After Being Icebound for Nine Days

02 Jan 2014: Interview: A Legal Call to Arms to Fix Environmental and Climate Ills

31 Dec 2013: Atlantic Ocean Zooplankton Are Now Reproducing in Arctic Waters

30 Dec 2013: Hydropower "Battery" Could Even Out Wind Energy Supply, Scientists Say

26 Dec 2013: Solar Activity Not a Major Factor in Climate Change, Study Finds

23 Dec 2013: Russian Oil Giant Becomes First in World to Pump Oil From Arctic

20 Dec 2013: Renewable Energy Comprised Total U.S. November Power Generation Gains

19 Dec 2013: Los Angeles Becomes First Major U.S. City to Adopt Cool Roof Rule

18 Dec 2013: Mapping Course and Software Make Forest Monitoring Widely Accessible

18 Dec 2013: Photo Essay: Documenting the Swift Change Wrought by Global Warming

17 Dec 2013: Australian Coal Projects Threatened by Drop in Demand From China

16 Dec 2013: Volume of E-Waste Projected to Soar by 2017, Study Says

13 Dec 2013: U.S. Energy Department Invests in Small-Scale Nuclear Reactors

12 Dec 2013: Household Solar Panel Installations up 52 Percent in the U.S.

11 Dec 2013: Final Shipment of Russian Warhead Uranium Set to Reach U.S. Today

10 Dec 2013: Chinese State Media Criticized for Touting Benefits of Smog


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