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08 Oct 2015: Interview: Rallying Hip Hop For A More Inclusive Climate Fight

07 Oct 2015: Africa Can Increase Renewable Energy Use Four-Fold by 2030, Study Finds

06 Oct 2015: Styrofoam May Be Biodegradable After All, Thanks to Mealworms, Study Says

05 Oct 2015: Icelandic Seafood Giant May Be Involved in Endangered Whale Hunt

02 Oct 2015: Brown Carbon Plays Larger Role In Climate Than Assumed, Study Says

01 Oct 2015: International Space Station Gives Glimpse of China's Aquaculture Sector

30 Sep 2015: New Agreement Yields Hope for Saving World's Second-Largest Rainforest

29 Sep 2015: Electric Buses Could Lead to Significant Savings Even for Smaller Cities

28 Sep 2015: Shell Ends Arctic Oil and Gas Exploration Bid for Foreseeable Future

25 Sep 2015: ‘Pop-up’ Wetlands Will Help Millions of Migrating Birds This Fall

24 Sep 2015: Nearly Half of U.S. Seafood Is Wasted Annually, New Study Shows

23 Sep 2015: New and Reactivated Coal Mines Fell to Lowest Levels Ever Recorded

23 Sep 2015: Interview: A Scientist’s View On How to Repair the Planet

22 Sep 2015: Antarctic Seafloor Life Is Locking Away a Lot of Carbon, Study Says

21 Sep 2015: Rising Seas and More Intense Storms Likely to Cause Major Flooding Spike

18 Sep 2015: Genes of Greenlanders Preserve Evidence of Ancient Arctic Adaptation

17 Sep 2015: Chaotic Illegal Timber Trade Threatens Crucial Forests in Southeast Asia

16 Sep 2015: Unchecked Consumerism Causing Record-Breaking Resource Use, Study Says

15 Sep 2015: Chinese Municipal Leaders Pledge an Early Peak of CO2 Emissions

15 Sep 2015: Forum: What the Pope Should Say in His Upcoming UN Address

14 Sep 2015: Global Solar Panel Production Rate Slowed in Recent Years, Analysis Finds

11 Sep 2015: Flooding Fields in Winter May Help California Water Woes, Study Suggests

10 Sep 2015: Developing Nations Take Lead In Cutting Forestry and Agriculture Emissions

09 Sep 2015: Natural Gas Pipeline Updates Can Cut Greenhouse Gas Leaks by 90 Percent

08 Sep 2015: NASA Facilities at Risk From Projected Sea Level Increases

04 Sep 2015: Maya Permanently Altered Land To Respond to Climate Change, Study Says

03 Sep 2015: Tropical Tree Cover Loss Accelerated in 2014, Satellite Analysis Finds

03 Sep 2015: In Booming Aquaculture Industry, A Move to Plant-Based Food for Fish

02 Sep 2015: Alaskan Wind Power Capacity Increased 20 Fold since 2007, Report Says

01 Sep 2015: European Project Recruits Smartphone Users to Collect Pollution Data

31 Aug 2015: Researchers Develop Artificial Leaf That Efficiently Mimics Photosynthesis

27 Aug 2015: NASA Study Quantifies Plants' Role in Mitigating Urban Heat Island Effect

27 Aug 2015: In Northern Canada Peaks, Scientists Are Tracking Impact of Vanishing Ice

26 Aug 2015: U.S. Shale Gas Production Expected to Fall for First Time, Report Says

25 Aug 2015: Endangered Chimp Population Much Larger Than Estimated, Study Shows

24 Aug 2015: Research Links Amazon Fires and North American Hurricanes

21 Aug 2015: Retiring Nuclear Power Plants Undermines Clean Power Plan, Report Says

20 Aug 2015: Global Warming Has Worsened California Drought By Roughly 25 Percent

20 Aug 2015: Solar Decathlon: The Search for The Best Carbon-Neutral House

19 Aug 2015: Muslim Scholars Issue Call To End Fossil Fuel Use and Protect Climate

18 Aug 2015: How West Antarctica Could Melt If Greenhouse Emissions Continue to Rise

17 Aug 2015: Cost of Distributed Solar Power Fell for Fifth Straight Year, Report Says

14 Aug 2015: Climate Impact of Wasted Meat Much Larger Than Other Foods, Study Finds

13 Aug 2015: Dangerously Hot and Humid Days Soon Will Become Regular Occurrences

13 Aug 2015: Interview: A Scientist Who Probes The Rich Inner Lives of Animals

12 Aug 2015: Warmer Winters Are Leading to More Wild Boars in Europe, Research Finds

11 Aug 2015: Cost of Producing Wind Power Reached a New Low in the U.S. Last Year

10 Aug 2015: Major Algal Blooms Visible Off Both Coasts of U.S., Satellite Images Show

07 Aug 2015: New Zealand Will Shutter Last Remaining Coal Power Plants, Officials Say

06 Aug 2015: Mimicking Butterfly Wings Can Improve Efficiency of Solar Energy Systems

05 Aug 2015: Emissions From U.S. Power Plants Reached 27-Year Low, Report Says

04 Aug 2015: Study Finds Glaciers Melting At Unprecidented Rates Around the Globe

03 Aug 2015: California Has Missed Equivalent Of Full Year of Rain in Ongoing Drought

31 Jul 2015: Severe Droughts Affect Forests And CO2 Storage for Years, Study Shows

30 Jul 2015: Gallery: The Wild Lands at Stake If Alaska’s Pebble Mine Proceeds

29 Jul 2015: Global Population Projected to Reach 11 Billion by 2100, U.N. Estimates

28 Jul 2015: Roughly 40 Percent of World Unaware of Climate Change, Survey Says

27 Jul 2015: President Obama Announces Major New Limits on Interstate Ivory Trade

24 Jul 2015: European Union Is Increasingly Turning to Wind Power, Analysis Finds

23 Jul 2015: Synthetic Coral Could Remove Mercury Pollution From Ocean, Study Finds

23 Jul 2015: With Camera Drones, New Tool For Viewing and Saving Nature

22 Jul 2015: Algae Could Be Environmentally Friendly Livestock Feed, Research Finds

21 Jul 2015: California Almonds Have Smaller Climate Impact Than Many Foods

20 Jul 2015: Nuclear Rush Will Make China Third-Largest Nuclear Generator by 2020

17 Jul 2015: 2014 Set Multiple Global Climate Records, NOAA Analysis Concludes

16 Jul 2015: Most States Have Curbed Power Plant Emissions Ahead of EPA Rule

16 Jul 2015: Interview: The High Environmental Cost of Illicit Marijuana Cultivation

15 Jul 2015: 'Buckyballs' May Be Able to Capture Carbon Dioxide, Research Finds

14 Jul 2015: International Poll Finds Widespread Concern About Climate Change

13 Jul 2015: Australian Government Curbs Investments in Wind and Solar Energy

10 Jul 2015: Deeper Ocean Waters Have Absorbed Much of Excess Atmospheric Heat

09 Jul 2015: Bird Fatalities at Wind Facilities Can Be Prevented With New Model, Study Says

09 Jul 2015: Interview: How to Get People To Care About Climate Change

08 Jul 2015: Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Has Slowed Significantly, Data Show

07 Jul 2015: Self-Driving Taxis Could Spur Major Cuts in Carbon Emissions, Study Says

06 Jul 2015: Researchers Discover 4,000-Year-Old Coral Species Near Hawaii

02 Jul 2015: Water Usage for Fracking Has Increased Dramatically, Study Shows

01 Jul 2015: Church of England Divests from Oil Firm Exploring Virunga National Park

01 Jul 2015: Interview: How an Indian Politician Became an Environmental Hawk

30 Jun 2015: Residential Solar Panels Are Net Win for Utility Companies, Analysis Says

29 Jun 2015: Rain Harvesting Could Provide Major Economic Benefit in India, Study Finds

26 Jun 2015: Fuels from Canadian Oil Sands Have Larger Carbon Footprint, Analysis Says

25 Jun 2015: Photo Gallery: Scenes From The Golden Age of Animal Tracking

24 Jun 2015: Global Fine Particle Pollution On the Rise Despite Regional Improvements

23 Jun 2015: Linking Disasters to Climate Makes Skeptics Less Likely to Donate

22 Jun 2015: Researchers Look to Design of Owl Wings to Make Quieter Wind Turbines

19 Jun 2015: Jet Contrails Can Affect Air Temperature in Some Areas, Study Shows

18 Jun 2015: Pope Calls for Global Action on Climate Change and Environmental Problems

17 Jun 2015: Harnessing Evaporation Could Yield More Power than Wind, Study Shows

17 Jun 2015: Interview: Is Cloning Mammoths Science Fiction or Conservation?

16 Jun 2015: Human Data Can Improve Ecosystem Service Models, Study Says

15 Jun 2015: Biodiversity Limits Parasites In Humans, Wildlife, and Plants, Study Says

12 Jun 2015: National Renewable Energy Targets Quadrupled Since 2005, Study Says

11 Jun 2015: Deep Sea Coral Canyons off Atlantic Coast to Gain Fishing Protections

10 Jun 2015: Jet Fuel from Sugarcane Cuts Aviation Carbon Emissions, Study Says

09 Jun 2015: Record Level of Residential Solar Installed in U.S. in First Quarter of 2015

08 Jun 2015: Reforming Mobile Phone Industry Helps Profits and Environment, Study Says

05 Jun 2015: Huge Pension Fund in Norway Will Divest Many of Its Coal Holdings

04 Jun 2015: Seven Tiny Frog Species Are Discovered in Brazilian Forest

03 Jun 2015: Interview: At Sierra Club, New Face At Helm of Oldest U.S. Green Group


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