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29 Aug 2014: New Database Tracks Ecological Health Impacts of Dams on World's Rivers

28 Aug 2014: Rail Transport of U.S. Oil Up By 9 Percent, Creating Rail Car Shortage

27 Aug 2014: Obama Seeks Climate Accord Without Congressional Approval

26 Aug 2014: Meat Production, Especially Beef, Strains Land and Water, Study Says

25 Aug 2014: Health Care Savings Can Far Outweigh Costs of Carbon-Cutting Policies

22 Aug 2014: Drought in Western U.S. Has Caused Land to Rise, Researchers Say

21 Aug 2014: Antarctica and Greenland Losing Ice at Fastest Rate Ever Recorded

20 Aug 2014: Exporting Coal to Korea Could Slash Emissions by 21 Percent, Analysis Says

20 Aug 2014: Interview: Drones Are Emerging As Valuable Conservation Tool

19 Aug 2014: Wind Energy Prices at All-Time Low, According to U.S. Report

18 Aug 2014: Recent Glacier Losses Are Mostly Driven by Human Activity, Study Says

15 Aug 2014: New Citizen Science Software Aims to Document and Curb Illegal Fishing

14 Aug 2014: Some Chemicals in Fracking Fluids Raise Red Flags, Researchers Say

13 Aug 2014: New Maps Show Flooding Risks for Critical U.S. Energy Facilities

12 Aug 2014: Media Still Disproportionately Including Views of Climate Change Skeptics

11 Aug 2014: Climate Effects of Keystone XL Significantly Underestimated, Study Finds

08 Aug 2014: China Added Large Amount Of Solar Power in First Half of 2014

07 Aug 2014: Mercury Pollution in Oceans Has Tripled Since Industrial Revolution

06 Aug 2014: Western U.S. In Its Quietest Fire Season In A Decade, Officials Report

06 Aug 2014: Green Innovations Are Bringing Energy-Saving Technology Home

05 Aug 2014: Forests Already Seeing Effects of Climate Change, European Researchers Say

04 Aug 2014: California Takes Steps to Curb Lawn Watering During Severe Drought

31 Jul 2014: U.S. Public and Congress Similarly Split on Environmental Spending, Study Says

31 Jul 2014: Interview: Making the Rights of Farm Animals a Basic Green Issue

30 Jul 2014: New Maps of Peru Forests Could Help Set Conservation Priorities

29 Jul 2014: Danish Wind Power To Be Half The Price of Coal and Natural Gas by 2016

28 Jul 2014: Trees Save Lives and Billions in Health Costs Annually, Forest Service Finds

25 Jul 2014: Southwestern U.S. Aquifers Are Extremely Low, NASA Data Show

24 Jul 2014: Protecting Community Forests Is a Major Tool in Climate Fight, Study Says

23 Jul 2014: "Inglorious" Produce Campaign Is Major Success for French Grocer

23 Jul 2014: Earth Observation Satellites Help Scientists Understand Global Change

22 Jul 2014: Costs of Urban Light Pollution Highlighted in Citizen Science Effort

21 Jul 2014: India Doubles Coal Tax to Fund Ambitious Clean Energy Initiatives

18 Jul 2014: Germany Tops Energy-Efficiency Ranking and U.S. Scores Near Bottom

17 Jul 2014: Google Street View Maps Show Extent of Methane Leaks in Cities

16 Jul 2014: Politics and Education Affect When People Search for Climate Information

15 Jul 2014: California Agriculture Relying Too Heavily on Groundwater in Drought

15 Jul 2014: Five Questions for Jeffrey Sachs On Decarbonizing the Economy

14 Jul 2014: Human Activity Has Caused Long-term Australian Drought, Model Shows

11 Jul 2014: Helsinki Aims to Slash Car Use With New Apps and Transit Services

10 Jul 2014: A Possible Advance in Fight To Combat a Deadly Amphibian Fungus

09 Jul 2014: One-third of German Power Came from Renewables in First Half of 2014

08 Jul 2014: Protection of Parrotfish Could Slow Decline of Caribbean Reefs

07 Jul 2014: A Strong Rebuke for Paper That Forecasted `Climate Departure’

03 Jul 2014: Human Activity Has Boosted Plant Growth Globally, NASA Data Show

02 Jul 2014: Roughly $80 Billion Wasted on Power for Networked Devices, Report Says

02 Jul 2014: Interview: Where Will the Earth Head After Its ‘Climate Departure’?

01 Jul 2014: Small Island Nation of Kiribati Purchases Foreign Land as Climate Refuge

30 Jun 2014: Antarctica's Emperor Penguins To Be in Serious Decline By 2100, Study Says

27 Jun 2014: Going Vegetarian Could Halve A Consumer’s Food-related CO2 Footprint

26 Jun 2014: Major U.S. Retailers to Limit Pesticides That May Be Harmful to Bees

25 Jun 2014: Blizzard Helps Scientists Visualize Airflow Around Wind Turbines

24 Jun 2014: Concentrated Solar Power Could Compete with Natural Gas, Study Says

23 Jun 2014: How Citizen Scientists Are Using The Web to Track the Natural World

20 Jun 2014: Summer Temperatures in U.S. Have Risen Up To 5 Degrees Since 1970

19 Jun 2014: Rerouting Flights to Avoid Contrails Would Slow Climate Change

18 Jun 2014: Global Energy Systems Must Prepare for Climate Change, Study Says

17 Jun 2014: Livestock Maps Highlight Regions Prone to Disease and Pollution

16 Jun 2014: Skyscraper-Size Ice Structures Discovered at Base of Greenland Ice Sheet

13 Jun 2014: U.S. Energy System Depicted In New Mapping Tool from Federal Agency

12 Jun 2014: U.S. Breweries Cut Water Use Amid Widespread Drought Conditions

11 Jun 2014: Group Will Pay Farmers To Create Temporary Migratory Bird Habitat

10 Jun 2014: Air Pollution Smartphone App Seeks to Shame China's Polluting Factories

09 Jun 2014: Air Conditioning Can Raise Urban Nighttime Temperature by 2 Degrees

09 Jun 2014: Interview: The Small College That Launched Fossil Fuel Divestment

06 Jun 2014: Brazil Leads the World In Cutting Deforestation, Analysis Finds

05 Jun 2014: Coating for Roof Tiles Could Help Clear Smog-Causing Air Pollutants

04 Jun 2014: New Ozone-Depleting Gases Discovered in Atmosphere, Researchers Say

03 Jun 2014: Developing Countries Lead Global Surge in Renewable Energy Capacity

02 Jun 2014: New U.S. Coal Plant Rules Could Lead to a Steep Drop in Emissions

30 May 2014: New Battery Technology Could Offer Cheap Renewable Energy Storage

29 May 2014: Electric Airplane Debut Offers Hopes for Cutting Emissions

28 May 2014: Video Report: Americans on the Front Lines of Climate Change

27 May 2014: To Sway the U.S. Public, ‘Global Warming’ Beats out ‘Climate Change’

23 May 2014: Oil Drilling Permits Issued for Key Area of Yasuni Park

22 May 2014: Donors Commit $220 Million To Protect and Expand Huge Amazon Reserve

22 May 2014: Interview: Putting San Francisco On the Road to Zero Waste by 2020

21 May 2014: Trash-scooping Water Wheel Cleans up Garbage From Baltimore Harbor

20 May 2014: Widespread Greenland Melting Due to Forest Fires and Warming, Study Says

19 May 2014: India's New Prime Minister Plans To Make A Major Push on Solar Energy

16 May 2014: U.S. Honeybee Death Rate Too High for Long-term Survival, Study Says

15 May 2014: Intensity of Hurricanes Now Peaking Farther From the Equator

15 May 2014: Five Questions for John Holdren On the U.S. Climate Assessment

14 May 2014: Early El Niño Conditions May Spell Big Weather Impact This Year

14 May 2014: Interview: Can Marine Life Adapt To the World’s Acidifying Oceans?

13 May 2014: Half of U.S. is Experiencing Some Degree of Drought, Analysis Finds

12 May 2014: Global Renewable Energy Jobs Grew by 14 Percent in 2013, Report Says

09 May 2014: Biodiversity, But Not Community Composition, Surprisingly Stable Over Time

08 May 2014: Natural Variations May Account For Up to Half of Greenland's Warming

07 May 2014: Stanford Drops Coal Stocks From Its $18.7 Billion Endowment Portfolio

06 May 2014: Darwin's Finches Fight Off Parasitic Maggots with Treated Nest Fibers

05 May 2014: New European Satellites To Give More Detailed Views of Earth

02 May 2014: Fracking May Induce Quakes at Greater Distance than Previously Thought

01 May 2014: Extent of Marine Litter Documented in Major Seafloor Survey

30 Apr 2014: Russian-American Collaboration Carries on in Key Arctic Ecosystem

29 Apr 2014: Exxon Mobil Arctic Project Possibly At Risk Over Russia Sanctions

28 Apr 2014: Economic Viability of Nuclear Power Under Threat, Energy Group Says

25 Apr 2014: Soils Release Far More CO2 Than Previously Thought, Researchers Find

24 Apr 2014: Browning of Congo Rainforest Is Depicted in NASA Satellite Data

23 Apr 2014: Five Questions for IPCC Chairman On Future of Climate Change Action


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