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19 Dec 2014: 'Nuisance Flooding' Will Affect Most of U.S. Coastline by 2050, Report Finds

18 Dec 2014: Clearing Rainforests Distorts Global Rainfall and Agriculture, Study Says

17 Dec 2014: Obama Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay From Oil and Gas Development

16 Dec 2014: Falling Gasoline Prices Have Little Effect on Car Travel, Analysis Shows

15 Dec 2014: Beyond Lima: Major Investors Must Fund Global Green Initiatives

15 Dec 2014: Draft Climate Accord Reached In Lima Leaves Many Doubts in Its Wake

12 Dec 2014: Majority of Americans Support Climate Actions and Negotiations, Poll Says

11 Dec 2014: India and Australia Are Focus of Attention in Lima Climate Talks

10 Dec 2014: Draft Agreement in Lima Talks Calls for Emissions Cuts by All Nations

09 Dec 2014: As Ministers Arrive, Lima Climate Talks Face High Hurdles

08 Dec 2014: Latin American and Caribbean Nations Pledge Major Forest Restorations

05 Dec 2014: U.S. Natural Gas Fracking Boom May Be Shorter Than Predicted, Study Says

04 Dec 2014: Arabian Sea Whales Are Earth's Most Isolated and Endangered Population

03 Dec 2014: Public Largely Unaware of Meat And Dairy's Contribution to Climate Change

02 Dec 2014: New Proposal Outlines Key Elements for a Global Climate Pact

02 Dec 2014: Five Questions for Gus Speth On His Environmental Evolution

01 Dec 2014: Politics, Not Extreme Weather, Shape Climate Perceptions, Study Finds

26 Nov 2014: Aerodynamic Upgrades to Large Trucks Would Cut Fuel Use Steeply

25 Nov 2014: China’s Lake Ebinur Has Been Shrinking Dramatically, NASA Image Shows

24 Nov 2014: Record Number of Rhinos Poached In South Africa, Government Says

21 Nov 2014: U.S. Can Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80 Percent by 2050, Study Says

20 Nov 2014: Real-Time Ocean Acidification Data Now Available for U.S. Pacific Coast

19 Nov 2014: Global Maritime Shipping Traffic Has Grown by 300 Percent Since 1992

18 Nov 2014: Social Media Can Help Track Severity of Air Pollution, Researchers Say

17 Nov 2014: Old-Growth Forest in China Shrinking Despite Protections, Study Says

14 Nov 2014: New Material Can Trap Powerful Greenhouse Gases Efficiently, Chemists Say

13 Nov 2014: Global Maps Detail Seasonal and Geographic Trends in Ocean Acidification

13 Nov 2014: Interview: Bringing Civility and Diversity to Conservation Debate

12 Nov 2014: U.S. and China Announce Historic Emissions Reduction Pledges

11 Nov 2014: New Mapping Tool Highlights Carbon-Trapping Forests in Peru

10 Nov 2014: Public Views of Climate Science Hinge on Solutions, New Study Finds

07 Nov 2014: Organized Chinese Crime Behind Tanzania's Elephant Slaughter, Report Says

06 Nov 2014: Scientists Call For Greater Diversity of Viewpoints on Conservation

05 Nov 2014: Norway Best Prepared Nation For Climate Change, Global Index Shows

04 Nov 2014: Interview: Saving World’s Oceans Begins With Coastal Communities

03 Nov 2014: Climate Impacts To Be Severe and Irreversible Without Emission Cuts, UN Says

31 Oct 2014: Giant Galapagos Tortoises Are Making a Strong Comeback, Researchers Say

30 Oct 2014: China Is Top Developing Nation for Clean Energy Investment, Analysis Finds

29 Oct 2014: Weather and Climate Key in Weights of Penguin Chicks, Researchers Say

28 Oct 2014: Scientists Find Seafloor Fallout Plume of Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill

27 Oct 2014: Forests Protect Waterways From Nitrogen Pollution, Researchers Find

24 Oct 2014: New Mapping Tool Shows U.S. Geothermal Plants and Heat Potential

23 Oct 2014: Drones Can Help Map Spread Of Infectious Diseases, Researchers Say

22 Oct 2014: In East Coast Marshes, Goats Take On a Notorious Invader

21 Oct 2014: Desert and Mediterranean Plants More Resistant to Drought than Expected

20 Oct 2014: Electricity Access Has Small Effect on Emissions in India, Study Says

17 Oct 2014: Pesticide Linked to Bee Deaths Does Not Improve Soybean Crops, EPA Finds

16 Oct 2014: Global Boom in Natural Gas Unlikely to Help the Climate, Study Suggests

15 Oct 2014: U.S. Climate Envoy Says All Nations, Rich and Poor, Must Curb Emissions

14 Oct 2014: Researchers Explain Puzzling Stability of Some Himalayan Glaciers

13 Oct 2014: E360 Video Winner: Intimate Look At the Bighorn Sheep of the Rockies

13 Oct 2014: Climate Change To Make Many Fish Species Extinct in Tropics, Study Says

10 Oct 2014: Natural Gas Production Causing Large Methane Hotspot Over U.S. Southwest

09 Oct 2014: Investment in Energy Efficiency Outpaces the Renewable Energy Sector

08 Oct 2014: Floods Will Be Chronic Problem For East Coast Cities by 2030, Study Says

08 Oct 2014: Interview: A Call for Climate Goals
Other Than Two Degrees Celsius

07 Oct 2014: Deep Oceans Not Warming
As Previously Thought, Study Finds

06 Oct 2014: Number of Megacities Has Nearly Tripled Since 1990, UN Report Says

03 Oct 2014: Thousands of Uncharted Ocean Floor Features Revealed by Satellite Data

02 Oct 2014: Large Sediment Plumes Flowing From Greenland Glaciers, Images Show

02 Oct 2014: Interview: Still Bullish on Hybrids, But Skeptical about Electric Cars

01 Oct 2014: Scientists Photograph Gathering Of 35,000 Walruses on Alaskan Beach

01 Oct 2014: E360 Video: Indonesian Villagers Use Drones to Protect Their Forest

30 Sep 2014: Half of the Planet's Animals Lost Since 1970, Report Says

29 Sep 2014: Inexpensive Solar Cell Makes Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight

26 Sep 2014: Aral Sea Basin Dry for First Time in Modern History, Images Show

25 Sep 2014: World's Largest Coal Company Plans Billion-Dollar Solar Project in India

25 Sep 2014: Cashes Ledge: New England's Rich Underwater Laboratory

24 Sep 2014: Nations Announce Agreement To End Forest Loss by 2030 at UN Summit

24 Sep 2014: The Overview: Alberta Tar Sands

23 Sep 2014: Food Security Issues Often Neglected After Extreme Weather Events

22 Sep 2014: Planet Set to Reach CO2 Threshold in 30 Years, Researchers Say

19 Sep 2014: Global Population on Track to Reach 11 Billion by 2100, Researchers Say

18 Sep 2014: Trees Growing Significantly Faster in Warming Climate, Study Finds

17 Sep 2014: Shift to Mass Transit Could Have Major Economic and Climate Benefits

16 Sep 2014: Tackling Climate Change Could Pay Off in as Little as 15 Years, Report Finds

15 Sep 2014: Urban Air Pollution May Affect Brains of Young Children, Study Says

15 Sep 2014: Interview: Making Farm-to-Table A Truly Sustainable Movement

12 Sep 2014: New High-Resolution Maps Show Greenhouse Gas Emissions at City-Level

11 Sep 2014: Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Jumps by 29 Percent, Government Says

10 Sep 2014: U.S. Renewable Energy Growth In 2014 Dwarfs Fossil Fuel Plant Additions

09 Sep 2014: Ocean Acidification May Dull Sharks' Ability to Smell Prey, Study Finds

08 Sep 2014: U.S. Dietary Guidelines Would Lead to Rise in Emissions, Study Says

05 Sep 2014: Smog in India Damaged Enough Crops to Feed 94 Million, Study Says

04 Sep 2014: Buying Video Games on Disc Is More Energy Efficient than Downloading

04 Sep 2014: Interview: Calling for Moratorium On Development of Tar Sands Oil

03 Sep 2014: Mobile Phone Networks Can Help Monitor Global Rainfall, Study Says

02 Sep 2014: Six Strategies Could End Global Water Stress by 2050, Scientists Say

29 Aug 2014: New Database Tracks Ecological Health Impacts of Dams on World's Rivers

28 Aug 2014: Rail Transport of U.S. Oil Up By 9 Percent, Creating Rail Car Shortage

27 Aug 2014: Obama Seeks Climate Accord Without Congressional Approval

26 Aug 2014: Meat Production, Especially Beef, Strains Land and Water, Study Says

25 Aug 2014: Health Care Savings Can Far Outweigh Costs of Carbon-Cutting Policies

22 Aug 2014: Drought in Western U.S. Has Caused Land to Rise, Researchers Say

21 Aug 2014: Antarctica and Greenland Losing Ice at Fastest Rate Ever Recorded

20 Aug 2014: Exporting Coal to Korea Could Slash Emissions by 21 Percent, Analysis Says

20 Aug 2014: Interview: Drones Are Emerging As Valuable Conservation Tool

19 Aug 2014: Wind Energy Prices at All-Time Low, According to U.S. Report

18 Aug 2014: Recent Glacier Losses Are Mostly Driven by Human Activity, Study Says

15 Aug 2014: New Citizen Science Software Aims to Document and Curb Illegal Fishing


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