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24 Apr 2015: Long-Term CO2 Record by Keeling Named National Historic Chemical Landmark

23 Apr 2015: Interview: Oklahoma’s Clear Link Between Earthquakes and Energy

22 Apr 2015: Yale Plans to Charge University Departments for Their Carbon Emissions

21 Apr 2015: Australia Could Attain 100 Percent Renewables by 2050, Study Says

20 Apr 2015: Record Amount of E-Waste Generated Globally in 2014, Report Finds

17 Apr 2015: New Mapping Tool Could Lower Cost of Finding Geothermal Energy

16 Apr 2015: Researchers Discover New Source of Methane in the Arctic Ocean

16 Apr 2015: Interview: For Buddhist Leader, Religion and Environment Are One

15 Apr 2015: Entries Invited for e360 Contest For Best Environmental Videos

15 Apr 2015: Japan Emissions Hit Near-Record High After Nuclear Power Plant Closings

14 Apr 2015: Canada Could Lose 70 Percent Of Glaciers by End of Century, Study Finds

13 Apr 2015: Public Transportation Spending Varies With Income and Geography in the U.S.

13 Apr 2015: Canine Conservation: Using Dogs In War Against Poachers in Kenya

10 Apr 2015: Coal Power Plant Closings To Spur Large CO2 Cut in U.S. in 2015

09 Apr 2015: Melting Arctic Permafrost To Cause Massive but Gradual CO2 Release

08 Apr 2015: Clay Shows Promise in Capturing CO2 from Power Plants

07 Apr 2015: Nationwide Vehicle Emissions Database Could Help Cities Curb CO2

06 Apr 2015: Millions of Acres of Grasslands Cleared For Biofuel Crops, Study Finds

02 Apr 2015: Complexity of Ocean Heating and Circulation Shown in Vibrant Simulation

01 Apr 2015: Curbing Global Warming Aligns With U.S. Christians' Beliefs, Survey Finds

31 Mar 2015: Major Wildlife Impacts Still Felt 5 Years After Gulf Oil Spill

31 Mar 2015: Natural Filters: Mussels Deployed To Clean Up Polluted Waterways

30 Mar 2015: Warming Winters Not Main Cause of Pine Beetle Outbreaks, Study Says

27 Mar 2015: Metals Used in High Tech Are Becoming Harder to Find, Study Says

26 Mar 2015: Pollution May Trigger Heath Problems in Deep-Water Fish, Study Says

26 Mar 2015: Interview: Why This Tea Partyer Is Seeing Green on Solar Energy

25 Mar 2015: Dutch Energy Company Heats Homes With Custom-Built Computer Servers

24 Mar 2015: Extreme Forest Fragmentation Documented in Comprehensive New Study

23 Mar 2015: Back from the Brink: Success Stories Of the U.S. Endangered Species Act

20 Mar 2015: Glacial Melt and Precipitation Create Massive Runoff in Gulf of Alaska

19 Mar 2015: Electric Vehicles Keep Cities Cooler than Gas-Powered Cars, Study Says

18 Mar 2015: Biodegradable Plastics Are as Persistent as Regular Plastics, Study Finds

17 Mar 2015: California Could Install Ample Solar Power Without Damaging Habitats

16 Mar 2015: El Niño and La Niña Can Predict Severity of Tornado Season, Study Says

13 Mar 2015: Obama Administration Doubles Size of Key California Marine Sanctuaries

12 Mar 2015: Bubbling From Melting Glaciers Makes Fjords Noisiest Places in Oceans

11 Mar 2015: Warming To Sharply Increase For Remainder of 21st Century, Paper Says

10 Mar 2015: Solar and Wind on Track to Dominate New U.S. Power Capacity in 2015

09 Mar 2015: Blue Crabs Are Moving Into Gulf of Maine's Warming Waters, Study Says

09 Mar 2015: Interview: What Lies Behind the Surge of Deforestation in Amazon

06 Mar 2015: Los Angeles City Council Says Vegetables Can Be Grown Along Sidewalks

05 Mar 2015: Shifting to Electric Power From Oil Not Always the Greener Choice

04 Mar 2015: Hurricanes Help Spread Invasive Marine Species, Researchers Find

03 Mar 2015: Photographs of Amazon Forest Added to Google Street View Collection

03 Mar 2015: Interview: How Climate Change Helped Lead to Conflict in Syria

02 Mar 2015: Emperor Penguins Had Few Refuges During Last Ice Age, Study Finds

27 Feb 2015: Growing Risks to India's Water Supply Mapped With New Online Tool

26 Feb 2015: Heat-Trapping Effects of CO2 Measured in Nature for First Time

25 Feb 2015: Global Pesticide Map Shows Large Areas of High Water Pollution Risk

24 Feb 2015: New Map Shows Background Noise Levels Across the United States

23 Feb 2015: Large-scale Pumping Can Return Oxygen To Deep Waters, Study Finds

20 Feb 2015: Wind Produced 10 Percent of Texas Electricity in 2014, Grid Operator Says

19 Feb 2015: New York City Set for Major Sea Level Rise By 2050, Report Concludes

18 Feb 2015: Disease-Carrying Ticks Expand Range and Emerge Earlier in Warmer Climate

18 Feb 2015: Interview: Why Ocean Health Is Better, and Worse, Than You Think

17 Feb 2015: Demand for Indonesian Timber Far Outpaces Sustainable Supply, Study Says

16 Feb 2015: Space-Based Measurments Can Track Global Ocean Acidity, Researchers Say

13 Feb 2015: Study Says U.S. Southwest Set To Face Unprecedented Drying This Century

12 Feb 2015: Mange in Yellowstone Wolves Documented Through Thermal Images

11 Feb 2015: Learning About Geoengineering Spurs More Agreement on Climate, Study Says

11 Feb 2015: As Arctic Ocean Ice Vanishes, Questions About Future Fishing

10 Feb 2015: Flooding in U.S. Midwest Is Becoming More Frequent, Research Shows

09 Feb 2015: Norway Divests National Fund From Coal Companies Over Climate Concerns

06 Feb 2015: Maine’s Iconic Lobsters Face Threats From Ocean Acidification

05 Feb 2015: Ultra-Efficient Solar Cells Can Be Adapted for Rooftops, Research Finds

04 Feb 2015: Plant-Like Sea Slug Can Steal Genes From its Food, Researchers Report

03 Feb 2015: Nine of 10 Cities in China Failed Air Quality Standards, Government Says

02 Feb 2015: Many California Farms and Orchards Idled By Drought, NASA Maps Show

30 Jan 2015: Thunderstorms Move Ozone Toward Surface of Earth, Research Shows

29 Jan 2015: Iceland Rising as Climate Change Causes Glaciers to Melt, Researchers Say

28 Jan 2015: Camera Trap Records Rare Glimpse of African Golden Cat Hunting

27 Jan 2015: Pollinator Loss Could Put Poor Nations at Risk for Malnutrition

26 Jan 2015: Oil Spills Can Lead to Toxic Arsenic Water Contamination, Study Says

23 Jan 2015: South Africa Relocates Rhinos After Record Number Were Poached in 2014

22 Jan 2015: Draining of Greenland Lakes Signals Massive Melting, Researchers Say

21 Jan 2015: Filtering Polluted Stormwater Through Soil Can Protect Salmon, Study Says

20 Jan 2015: Genetic Diversity Is Key To Food Stability in Changing Climate, UN Says

20 Jan 2015: Interview: How Chinese Tiger Farms Threaten Wild Tigers Worldwide

16 Jan 2015: Solar a Better Investment Than Stocks in Most Large U.S. Cities, Study Says

15 Jan 2015: Underwater Kelp Forests Mapped In New Citizen Science Project

14 Jan 2015: Offshore Wind More Profitable Than Drilling on U.S. East Coast, Report Says

13 Jan 2015: California Still in Widespread Drought, Despite Heavy Precipitation

12 Jan 2015: Maasai Group Plans to Sell Biogas Made From Slaughterhouse Waste

12 Jan 2015: Interview: Giving Local Women A Voice in Grass-Roots Conservation

09 Jan 2015: Most Physicians Already Seeing Health Effects of Climate Change in Patients

08 Jan 2015: Land Disturbances Darken Snow And Increase Melt Rate, Researchers Say

07 Jan 2015: Federal Judge Halts Hunting And Trapping of Great Lakes Gray Wolves

06 Jan 2015: Penguin Watch Projects Asks Citizen Scientists to Monitor Birds' Habits

05 Jan 2015: U.S. Cities Are Significantly Brighter than German Cities, Scientists Say

02 Jan 2015: Historical Photos Help Document Changes in Greenland Glaciers

29 Dec 2014: The Arctic Is Absorbing More and More Sunlight, NASA Images Show

23 Dec 2014: Madrid Announces Largest Energy-Efficient Street Lighting Project

22 Dec 2014: A Green Dilemma for the Holidays: Better to Shop Online or In-Store?

19 Dec 2014: 'Nuisance Flooding' Will Affect Most of U.S. Coastline by 2050, Report Finds

18 Dec 2014: Clearing Rainforests Distorts Global Rainfall and Agriculture, Study Says

17 Dec 2014: Obama Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay From Oil and Gas Development

16 Dec 2014: Falling Gasoline Prices Have Little Effect on Car Travel, Analysis Shows

15 Dec 2014: Beyond Lima: Major Investors Must Fund Global Green Initiatives

15 Dec 2014: Draft Climate Accord Reached In Lima Leaves Many Doubts in Its Wake

12 Dec 2014: Majority of Americans Support Climate Actions and Negotiations, Poll Says


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