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05 Feb 2016: Rising Temperatures Skewing Gender Balance of Sea Turtles, Study Says

04 Feb 2016: Only Known Wild Jaguar in the U.S. Filmed in Arizona in Rare Video

03 Feb 2016: China’s Wind Power Sector Experienced Rapid Growth in 2015

03 Feb 2016: Five Questions for Robert Bullard On the Flint Water Crisis and Justice

02 Feb 2016: General Electric Joins The Move From CFL Bulbs to LEDs

01 Feb 2016: Lab-raised Caribbean Coral Grown in the Wild for the First Time

29 Jan 2016: European Summers Hottest Since Roman Empire, Tree Ring Analysis Finds

28 Jan 2016: Japan Is Building World's Largest Floating Solar Farm Near Tokyo

27 Jan 2016: Rush to Electric Vehicles Is Worsening Air Pollution in China

26 Jan 2016: Cost of Manufacturing Solar Panels Is Projected to Continue Falling

25 Jan 2016: Massive Transformation to Clean Energy in the U.S. is Possible, Study Says

22 Jan 2016: Gasoline Prices Slow Electric Car Sales to Below Administration Goals

21 Jan 2016: Tree Frog Long Believed Extinct Is Rediscovered, Scientists Say

20 Jan 2016: 2015 Was the Hottest Year on Record, U.S. Government Scientists Say

20 Jan 2016: Interview: Finding a New Politics For Our New Environmental Era

19 Jan 2016: Ocean Absorption of Manmade Heat Doubles Since 1997, Study Says

15 Jan 2016: Northeast U.S. Waters Warming Faster than Previously Thought, NOAA says

14 Jan 2016: Europe’s Remaining Orcas Threatened by Banned Toxins, Study Finds

13 Jan 2016: Melting Icebergs Fertilize Oceans and Slow Warming, Study Says

12 Jan 2016: US Coal Production Drops to 30-Year Low in 2015, According to EIA

11 Jan 2016: Scientists Warn of Biodiversity Impacts of Major Hydropower Projects

08 Jan 2016: Study suggests most nitrogen found in oceans comes from natural sources

07 Jan 2016: New Device Harvests Energy From Walking and Exercising, Researchers Say

06 Jan 2016: Graphene Membrane Can Clean Nuclear Wastewater, New Research Shows

05 Jan 2016: NASA Images Show Swelling Of Mississippi From Massive Flooding

04 Jan 2016: More Than Half of Power Plants
Could be Hampered by Climate Change

04 Jan 2016: More than Half of Power Plants Could be Hampered by Climate Change

04 Jan 2016: How Science Can Help to Halt The Western Bark Beetle Plague

23 Dec 2015: The View From Far Above: How Earth Changed in 2015

23 Dec 2015: Congressional Tax Credits Expected to Further Boost U.S. Renewables

22 Dec 2015: Iberian Lynx Is Back from Brink, But Still Faces Major Challenges

18 Dec 2015: Marshes Likely More Resilient To Sea Level Rise Than Thought, Study Says

17 Dec 2015: Severe Toxic Algal Blooms Likely To Double in Lake Erie with Warming

16 Dec 2015: Five Questions for Bill McKibben On the Paris Climate Agreement

15 Dec 2015: China Anti-Pollution Efforts Lead to Steep Drop in Sulfur Dioxide Levels

14 Dec 2015: Accelerating Rock Weathering Could Help Reduce Atmospheric CO2 Levels

12 Dec 2015: Landmark Agreement on Climate Is Reached in Paris to Cap Warming

11 Dec 2015: NASA Detects Carbon Monoxide Plume as Indonesian Forest Fires Burn

10 Dec 2015: Paris COP21: An Unexpected Move Toward Global Target of 1.5 Degrees

09 Dec 2015: Paris COP21: U.N. Climate Talks Could Hasten the Demise of Coal

08 Dec 2015: Paris COP21: Amid Optimism, Key Issues Remain on Negotiating Table

07 Dec 2015: Paris COP21 — How ‘Landscape Carbon’ Can Be Part of a Solution on Climate

07 Dec 2015: Soaring Global CO2 Emissions May Have Peaked, Data Show

04 Dec 2015: Paris COP21: Global Financiers Hop Aboard the Zero-Carbon Bandwagon

03 Dec 2015: Paris COP21 — Regular Reviews Of Carbon Emission Cuts Likely to Be Adopted

03 Dec 2015: Paris COP21: Is India the Main Stumbling Block at Climate Talks?

02 Dec 2015: Paris COP21: China’s About-Face Fuels High Hopes for Paris Talks

01 Dec 2015: Paris COP21 — Business Leaders Announce 'Breakthrough Energy Coalition'

01 Dec 2015: Paris COP21: To Save Forests, A Combination of Carrots and Sticks

01 Dec 2015: Complete Coverage of the Paris COP21 Climate Talks From Yale Environment 360

30 Nov 2015: Paris COP21: For the Poorest Nations, Questions of Compensation

30 Nov 2015: Paris COP21 — Obama, Xi Vow to Lead In Climate Fight as Paris Talks Open

25 Nov 2015: Airlines Could Halve Emissions By 2050 by Making Cost-Saving Changes

24 Nov 2015: Transportation and Buildings Drove Rise in U.S. Energy Emissions Last Year

23 Nov 2015: In Major Shift, Alberta Adopts New Plans to Fight Climate Change

23 Nov 2015: Interview: Why Brazil’s Pledges On Carbon Emissions Are Not Enough

20 Nov 2015: Global Forest Cover Estimates Vary Widely Based on Definition, Study Says

19 Nov 2015: Genetically Engineered Salmon Approved for Sale in U.S. Supermarkets

18 Nov 2015: Icelandic Ice Cap Gains Mass for First Time in Two Decades, Researchers Say

17 Nov 2015: New Study Finds Limited and Uneven Water Reserves Near Earth's Surface

16 Nov 2015: U.S. Cities Vary Widely in Climate Preparation Due to Politics, Study Says

13 Nov 2015: Sharks Will Likely Be Less Effective Hunters With Climate Change

12 Nov 2015: Two Billion People at Risk of Losing Water Supplies Due to Snowpack Loss

11 Nov 2015: Renewable Diesel Production and Demand Growing Worldwide, Report Finds

10 Nov 2015: New Online Tool Maps Lands Managed and Protected by Indigenous People

09 Nov 2015: Globe Is Set to Cross 1 Degree C Temperature Increase Threshold in 2015

06 Nov 2015: Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline, Ending a Seven-Year Battle

06 Nov 2015: Austria’s Largest State Now Generates All Electricity from Renewables

05 Nov 2015: Pope Francis Has Swayed U.S. Public Opinion on Global Warming

04 Nov 2015: New York State Warns To Prepare for up to 6 Feet of Sea Level Rise

02 Nov 2015: Urban Fruit Less Polluted and Often More Nutritious Than Retail Versions

30 Oct 2015: Thousand-Year Storm Event Leads to Striking Flooding in Death Valley

29 Oct 2015: Southeast Asian Nations Plan Major Hydropower Projects Along Mekong

28 Oct 2015: Global Warming Could Be Limited To 3 Degrees C With Current Pledges

27 Oct 2015: Thawing Permafrost Soils Rapidly Release CO2 Into Atmosphere

26 Oct 2015: Major Clue Emerges in Mystery Of Right Whale Deaths, Researchers Say

26 Oct 2015: Interview: ‘Third Way’ Technologies Could Help Turn the Tide on Climate

23 Oct 2015: Powerful Foreign Companies Behind Much of Laos' Illegal Deforestation

22 Oct 2015: The Hard-Working Beaver Is A Fighter Against Nitrogen Pollution

21 Oct 2015: Three-Fourths of Americans Now Say that Climate Change is Occurring

20 Oct 2015: California Solar Development Often Occurring On Wilderness Lands

19 Oct 2015: Oslo, Norway, to Ban Cars in Its City Center By 2019

16 Oct 2015: Oil and Coal Companies Say They Back CO2 Cuts, Climate Talks

15 Oct 2015: Gates Calls Divestment A `False Solution’ to Global Warming

14 Oct 2015: Toyota Vows to Eliminate Nearly All of Its Gasoline Cars by 2050

14 Oct 2015: In Brazil, A City’s Waste Pickers Find Hope in a Pioneering Program

13 Oct 2015: Antarctic Ice Shelves Face Major Threat If CO2 Emissions Keep Rising

12 Oct 2015: New Head of IPCC Calls For Shift from Science to Solutions

09 Oct 2015: ‘Land Grabbing’ Is Accelerating As Pressure on Agriculture Resources Grows

08 Oct 2015: Interview: Rallying Hip Hop For A More Inclusive Climate Fight

07 Oct 2015: Africa Can Increase Renewable Energy Use Four-Fold by 2030, Study Finds

06 Oct 2015: Styrofoam May Be Biodegradable After All, Thanks to Mealworms, Study Says

05 Oct 2015: Icelandic Seafood Giant May Be Involved in Endangered Whale Hunt

02 Oct 2015: Brown Carbon Plays Larger Role In Climate Than Assumed, Study Says

01 Oct 2015: International Space Station Gives Glimpse of China's Aquaculture Sector

30 Sep 2015: New Agreement Yields Hope for Saving World's Second-Largest Rainforest

29 Sep 2015: Electric Buses Could Lead to Significant Savings Even for Smaller Cities

28 Sep 2015: Shell Ends Arctic Oil and Gas Exploration Bid for Foreseeable Future

25 Sep 2015: ‘Pop-up’ Wetlands Will Help Millions of Migrating Birds This Fall

24 Sep 2015: Nearly Half of U.S. Seafood Is Wasted Annually, New Study Shows


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