Camera Traps Document Wild Cats in Unprotected Sumatran Forest

Using a network of camera traps, researchers captured images of five wild cat species within the same Sumatran forest corridor, an unprotected area rich in biodiversity but threatened by industrial logging and

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Wild cats Sumatra

Camera trap images of wild cats in Sumatra
clear-cutting for illegal palm oil development. During a three-month survey in a region known as Bukit Tigapuluh, or Thirty Hills, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the World Wildlife Fund collected more than 400 photos of wild cats, including the Sumatran tiger, the Sunda clouded leopard, the marble cat, the Asian golden cat, and the leopard cat. All of the cats were found within a stretch of forest linking the Bukit Tigapulu forest and the Rimbang Baling Wildlife sanctuary in Riau Province. Four of the species are protected by the Indonesian government and listed as threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, said Karmila Parakkasi, coordinator of WWF-Indonesia’s Tiger Research Team.