The 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline passes through the rugged Brooks Range.

The Republican-led Congress and the Trump Administration are working to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. A key impetus is the need to feed petroleum into the 40-year-old Trans-Alaska Pipeline, as low production and sluggish flows hamper its operations.

By Philip Wight


How Aquaculture Is Threatening the Native Fish Species of Africa

Africa has long looked to fish farming to help feed its burgeoning human population. But scientists are warning that a new aquaculture push is introducing invasive species that could devastate such natural jewels as Lake Malawi and the Okavango Delta.

By Adam Welz

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Author Robert Jay Lifton has probed the psyches of barbaric Nazi doctors and Hiroshima survivors. Now, he is focusing on how people respond to the mounting evidence of climate change and is finding some reasons for hope. 

By Diane Toomey

A government soldier on patrol in a former area of intense fighting in Guaviare in southern Colombia. 


With New Peace, Colombia Finds Hope for Saving Its Wild Lands

After a half-century of conflict, Colombia is regaining control of vast biologically rich areas that had been havens for rebel groups. Now, scientists are racing to create plans for conservation and sustainable development to head off an influx of illegal loggers and miners.  


By Lisa Palmer

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