The historic Thomas Point Shoal Light Station in Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland.

The decades-long federal program to clean up Chesapeake Bay is showing signs of success and is supported by politicians of both parties. So why is the Trump administration seeking to eliminate funding for it?

By Tom Horton

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The Strange Case of the Liana Vine and Its Role in Global Warming

Liana and other vines are proliferating in the rainforests of Central and South America, and their spread is impeding the ability of trees to sequester carbon dioxide. Now, researchers are trying to determine the impact of this phenomenon on climate change. 

By Daniel Grossman

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Nonhle Mbuthuma, leader of the Amadiba Crisis Committee, which opposes a proposed titanium mine on South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

A Death in Pondoland

How a Proposed Strip Mine Brought Conflict to South Africa’s Wild Coast

The murder of activist Sikhosiphi Rhadebe has not stopped communities in South Africa’s Pondoland region from opposing plans for a major titanium mine. What’s at stake are ecologically important lands – and, for the villagers, a way of life. Third in a series.

By Fred Pearce

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