The North Star Solar farm in Minnesota, which generates enough electricity to power 20,000 homes.

Once largely confined to the sunny Southwest, utility-scale solar power plants are now being built everywhere from Minnesota to Alabama to Maine. Aided by plunging costs and improving technologies, these facilities are expected to provide a big boost to U.S. solar energy production.

By Cheryl Katz

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In Honduras, Defending Nature Is a Deadly Business

Berta Cáceres fought to protect native lands in Honduras — and paid for it with her life. She is one of hundreds of victims of a disturbing global trend — the killings of environmental activists who try to block development projects. First in a series.

By Fred Pearce

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U.S. ecologist Gretchen Daily is working with the Chinese government to rethink its network of national parks and protected areas. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, she describes the conservation challenges facing a country where virtually no lands remain undisturbed.

By Diane Toomey


Why Won’t American Business Push for Action on Climate?

Many U.S. corporations have adopted environmentally friendly practices and touted themselves as green companies. But when it comes to government climate policy, these businesses have been largely silent and support politicians who oppose taking any action. 

By Marc Gunther

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