Solar panels cover the roof of a Sam's Club store in Glendora, Calif.

For decades, California has been at the forefront of U.S. environmental policies. Now, with the Trump administration poised to attack environmental and climate regulations, California is ready to play a key role in resisting Washington’s hard right turn.

By Jacques Leslie


With Norway in Lead, Europe Set for Surge in Electric Vehicles

With the help of ambitious emissions-reduction targets, growing support from government and the auto industry, and rapid technological advances, electric vehicles appear to be on the verge of a major expansion in Europe.

By Paul Hockenos

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Iain Douglas-Hamilton has devoted his life to protecting Africa’s elephants, which have been decimated by poaching. In a Yale e360 interview, he explains why a recent Chinese ban on the ivory trade may be a turning point in the fight to save the animals.

By Richard Schiffman

Civic leader Marie Reed at a Southbridge intersection that has flooded repeatedly in recent years.

Before the Storm

A Vulnerable Community Braces for the Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Experts warn that the flooding exacerbated by climate change will disproportionately impact low-lying, low-income communities. In the Wilmington, Delaware neighborhood of Southbridge, residents are determined to build up their flood defenses and to stand their ground. 

By Bruce Stutz

  • No Longer Wild

    How Natural World Heritage Sites Are Being Spoiled

    When a place is designated a Natural World Heritage Site, it is a recognition that it has “outstanding universal value” and must be protected. But a new study shows many of these sites are being severely damaged by human activity and are deteriorating rapidly.

    By Richard Conniff

  • Breaking Records

    How the World Passed a Carbon Threshold and Why It Matters

    Last year marked the first time in several million years that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 passed 400 parts per million. By looking at what Earth’s climate was like in previous eras of high CO2 levels, scientists are getting a sobering picture of where we are headed.

    By Nicola Jones

  • Climate

    With the Rise of Trump, Is It Game Over for the Climate Fight?

    Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency is a stunning blow to hopes for avoiding the worst impacts of global warming. But a broad-based, grassroots movement committed to cutting emissions and promoting clean energy must continue and intensify – the stakes are simply too high to give up.

    By Bill McKibben

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