Homes in Mantoloking, New Jersey, off of Barnegat Bay, damaged by Sandy in 2012.

Sea level rise and more severe storms are overwhelming U.S. coastal communities, causing billions of dollars in damage and essentially bankrupting the federal flood insurance program. Yet rebuilding continues, despite warnings that far more properties will soon be underwater.

By Gilbert M. Gaul

Food & Agriculture

In Napa Valley, Vineyards and Conservationists Battle for the Hills

The steady expansion of vineyards in California’s premier wine-growing region is moving uphill into oak and other woodlands and is adversely affecting fish and wildlife. Other wine areas, from Oregon’s Willamette Valley to Mendoza in Argentina, are facing similar issues.

By Alastair Bland

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Researcher Rick Haney travels the U.S. preaching the benefits of healthy soils. In a Yale Environment 360 interview, he talks about the folly of pursuing ever-greater crop yields using fertilizers and other chemicals and how farmland can by restored through natural methods.

By Richard Schiffman

An Energy Star label displayed on washing machine at a Best Buy store in Marin City, Calif.


Killing Energy Star: A Popular Program Lands on the Trump Hit List

It is widely regarded as a success — a voluntary program that has been a win-win for industry, consumers, and energy conservation. So why does the Trump administration want to get rid of Energy Star?

By Marc Gunther

Environmentalists at Risk

An E360 Series

Environmentalists at Risk

An e360 special report on the recent rash of killings of environmental activists worldwide.

  1. Firing Line

    In Honduras, Defending Nature Is a Deadly Business

  2. Murder in Malaysia

    How Protecting Native Forests Cost a Southeast Asian Activist His Life

  3. A Death in Pondoland

    How a Proposed Strip Mine Brought Conflict to South Africa’s Wild Coast

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