Timber being trucked through the northern Laos province of Louang Namtha on its way to the Chinese border.

As China pursues a startling array of energy, mining, logging, agricultural, and infrastructure projects on virtually every continent, it is having an unprecedented environmental impact on the planet.

By William Laurance



The ‘Job-Killing’ Fiction Behind Trump’s Retreat on Fuel Economy Standards

The Trump administration is expected to roll back the fuel economy standards that were a signature achievement of the Obama administration. The move won’t save auto industry jobs, but it will increase air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

By John DeCicco

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Supporters of Bill Kayong outside the court at the trial of three men charged in his murder. 

Murder in Malaysia

How Protecting Native Forests Cost a Southeast Asian Activist His Life

Malaysian activist Bill Kayong fought to save native forest lands from logging and oil palm development. Like a troubling number of environmental campaigners around the world, he paid for it with his life. Second in a series.

By Fred Pearce

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