Authors of BPA Report Have Close Ties to Chemical Industry

Four authors of a new report that finds “no noteworthy risk” in human exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA) have ties either to the chemical industry or to companies and groups involved in the manufacture or promotion of BPA, according to a report by the non-profit investigative reporting group, California Watch. While
BPA Plastic bottles
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the German Society for Toxicology report aimed to inject “an independent judgment” into the contentious debate over the safety of BPA, a synthetic chemical found in thousands of everyday plastics, the report discloses that one of the authors is employed by Europe’s largest producer of BPA, and another has received funding from the industry group BPA Global. Two other authors describe themselves on their professional websites as consultants to the chemical industry. Several companies have phased out the use of BPA — which is the primary component of hard and clear polycarbonate plastics often used in water bottles and the linings of cans — over concerns that it interferes with hormone production and disrupts development. This week, however, Coca-Cola executives said they will not stop using BPA in the lining of its cans, saying there is insufficient scientific evidence to justify the change.