The South Belridge Oil Field in Kern County, California.

The transition to renewables requires batteries that can store energy for long periods of time. To meet that demand, engineers in California’s Kern County are aiming to revamp depleted oil wells to hold concentrated solar energy in super-heated water underground.

By Stephen Robert Miller


How One South African Community Stopped Shell Oil in Its Tracks

Activist Nonhle Mbuthuma founded a local organization along South Africa’s Wild Coast to fight a proposed strip mine 17 years ago. Despite ongoing personal threats, she’s still working to protect her community from oil exploration and other potentially harmful development.

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Sirebe tribal ranger Elijah Qalolilio Junior in the rainforest.


Solomon Islands Tribes Sell Carbon Credits, Not Their Trees

In a South Pacific nation ravaged by logging, several tribes joined together to sell “high integrity” carbon credits on international markets. The project not only preserves their highly biodiverse rainforest, but it funnels life-changing income to Indigenous landowners.

By Jo Chandler

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