The Sudd wetland in South Sudan.

South Sudan is moving ahead with plans for a 240-mile canal to divert water from the White Nile and send it to Egypt. But critics warn the megaproject would desiccate the world’s second largest wetland, impacting its rich wildlife and the rains on which the region depends.

By Fred Pearce

Food & Agriculture

Pollen and Heat: A Looming Challenge for Global Agriculture

Farmers and scientists are increasingly observing that unusually high springtime temperatures can kill pollen and interfere with the fertilization of crops. Researchers are now searching for ways to help pollen beat the heat, including developing more heat-tolerant varieties.

By Carolyn Beans

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This terminal under construction in Øygarden, Norway will receive waste CO2 by ship and send it to an undersea aquifer via a pipeline.


Solution or Band-Aid? Carbon Capture Projects Are Moving Ahead

Long discussed but rarely used, carbon capture and storage projects — which bury waste CO2 underground — are on the rise globally. Some scientists see the technology as a necessary tool in reducing emissions, but others say it simply perpetuates the burning of fossil fuels.

By Nicola Jones

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