A coral reef near the Indonesian island of Bali.

A recent study that found no general decline in the numbers of species in individual ecosystems has sparked controversy. Some scientists see it as evidence of how species adapt, while others see it as a sign that common invasive species, such as rats and mosquitoes, are the real winners.

By Fred Pearce


For Europe’s Far-Right Parties, Climate Is a New Battleground

As its refugee crisis recedes, Europe’s increasingly powerful nationalist and populist parties have found a new cause — attacking what they view as elitist hysteria over climate change. Will these movements succeed in blunting European action on cutting CO2 emissions?

By Beth Gardiner

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Ice drifts in the Fram Strait between Norway’s Arctic islands and Greenland.


Why Rising Acidification Poses a Special Peril for Warming Arctic Waters

A recent Northern voyage on a Norwegian research vessel highlighted how soaring carbon dioxide levels and the resulting acidification of the oceans present an especially grave threat to the Arctic’s cold seas and the rich marine life that they harbor.

By Cheryl Katz

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