The Guera Mountains in southern Chad, a region that has grown greener in recent decades.

Despite warnings that climate change would create widespread desertification, many drylands are getting greener because of increased CO2 in the air — a trend that recent studies indicate will continue. But scientists warn this added vegetation may soak up scarce water supplies.

By Fred Pearce


To Foil a Deadly Pest, Scientists Aim for a Beetle-Resistant Ash Tree

Emerald ash borer beetles have killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in the U.S. Now, researchers are nurturing ash that can withstand the insects, in the hope of producing resistant seeds that would ensure a future for trees that are a crucial part of Eastern forests.

By Elizabeth Kolbert

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Algae along the shore of Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia.


In North Macedonia, an Ancient Lake Faces Modern Threats

Lake Ohrid, at 2 million years old, may be the most biodiverse lake of its size in the world, teeming with fish, snails, crustaceans, and more. But tourism development along the edges of the lake and nutrient pollution are clouding its famously clear waters and altering its ecology.

By Richard Mertens

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