Monsoon flooding in Mumbai this month.

Extreme precipitation events are on the rise in India, driven by warming temperatures and changes in the monsoon. The resulting floods are being exacerbated by unplanned urban growth and environmental degradation, driving millions from their homes and causing widespread damage.

By Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar


On the Alabama Coast, the Unluckiest Island in America

Dauphin Island has been battered by more than a dozen hurricanes and tropical storms in recent decades. But that hasn’t stopped homeowners on the beach resort from repeatedly getting federal aid and insurance payouts to keep rebuilding in the same vulnerable locations.

By Gilbert M. Gaul

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The icebreaker Oden sails through first-year ice in Lancaster Sound in the Canadian Arctic last month.


A Northwest Passage Journey Finds Little Ice and Big Changes

After decades of travel in the Far North, E360’s Arctic correspondent joins a voyage through the Northwest Passage and witnesses a world being transformed, with ice disappearing, balmy temperatures becoming common, and alien invaders – from plastic waste to new diseases – on the rise.

By Ed Struzik

2019 Yale Environment 360 Video Contest

2019 Yale Environment 360 Video Contest

The winners of our annual contest honoring the best short environmental films.

  1. E360 Video Contest Winner

    Seldom Seen: A Poignant Look Back at Glen Canyon Before the Dam

  2. E360 Video Contest Winner — Second Place

    In Ecuador, One Man’s Mission to Restore a Piece of the Rainforest

  3. E360 Video Contest Winner — Third Place

    In Drought-Prone India, a Hard-Pressed Village Struggles to Survive

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