Urged on by the oil and gas industry, the Trump administration is moving to drastically weaken the Endangered Species Act. But the act, writes a former U.S. Interior Secretary, has saved hundreds of species that might now be extinct, while allowing for well-managed development. 

By Bruce Babbitt


In the Melting Arctic, a Harrowing Account from a Stranded Ship

The grounding of a research-cruise vessel in a remote polar region last week was a reminder of the hazards of increased ship traffic in an ice-free Arctic. Our correspondent was on board and reports on the ordeal and the long, uncertain wait for rescue.

By Ed Struzik

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In an interview with Yale Environment 360, ecologist Charles M. Peters discusses how, in an era of runaway destruction of tropical forests, the centuries-old ecological understanding of indigenous woodland residents can help point the way to the restoration of damaged rainforests.

By Richard Schiffman

Forest managers set this prescribed burn in California's Stanislaus National Forest.


Fighting Fire with Fire: California Turns to Prescribed Burning

A century of fire suppression and historic drought have combined to kill 129 million trees and counting in California’s forests. As wildfires rage across the state, managers are increasingly setting fires to burn the dead timber and ward off catastrophe.

By Jane Braxton Little

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