Greenhouse roofs reflect sunlight in Kunming, China.

As agricultural greenhouses proliferate, researchers are finding that their reflective roofs are having a cooling effect. Some experts see this as an unintended experiment with lessons for cooling cities, but others point to the environmental damage that greenhouses can cause.

By Fred Pearce


As ‘Zombie’ Deer Disease Spreads, Scientists Look for Answers

Chronic wasting disease, which slowly destroys the brains of deer and elk, is hard to detect, impossible to treat, and spreading across North America. Researchers are mounting new efforts to understand the deadly disease, amid concerns it could someday spill over to humans.

By Jim Robbins

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Katie Tyson, runner-up in the Miss Snake Charmer pageant, at the 2021 Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas.


Despite Criticism, the Last of the Rattlesnake Roundups Hang On

Public outrage has caused many rattlesnake roundups — killing contests held in the name of public safety — to go out of business or convert to no-kill wildlife festivals. But in Texas and Oklahoma, these annual events continue, with thousands of snakes being slaughtered.

By Ted Williams

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