Brazil’s president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, has pledged to dismantle the country’s environmental regulations.

Newly elected Jair Bolsonaro, an authoritarian nationalist sometimes called the “tropical Trump,” has staked out an environmental agenda that would open the Amazon to widespread development, putting at risk a region that plays a vital role in stabilizing the global climate.

By Philip Fearnside

  • Climate

    Is Warming Bringing a Wave of New Diseases to Arctic Wildlife?

    Rapid warming and vanishing sea ice in the Arctic has enabled new species, from humpback whales to white-tailed deer, to spread northward. Scientists are increasingly concerned that some of these new arrivals may be bringing dangerous pathogens that could disrupt the region’s fragile ecosystems.

    By Ed Struzik

  • Analysis

    Can Citizen Lawsuits Force Governments to Act on Climate Change?

    Citizen court actions on global warming have taken very different turns in Europe and the U.S. A Dutch court has ruled the government must keep its promises to cut emissions, but prospects for the U.S. “climate kids” suit are dimming given the increasingly conservative Supreme Court.

    By Fred Pearce

  • Interview

    Understanding How Elephants Think Is Key to Protecting Them

    Conflicts between elephants and humans are on the rise. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, animal cognition expert Joshua Plotnik talks about his research into the thinking of Asian elephants and how what he is learning could help save the world’s largest land animal.

    By Richard Schiffman


How to Shift Public Attitudes and Win the Global Climate Battle

The world is making progress in decarbonizing economies, but not nearly fast enough, says the former U.S. chief climate negotiator. Here he spells out what forces must come together to marshal the public and political will needed to tackle climate change.

By Todd Stern

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In an interview with Yale Environment 360, former EPA official Elizabeth Southerland discusses the hostile takeover of the EPA by the Trump administration and industry interests and explains why she is hopeful that the recent damage can be undone.

By Diane Toomey

Botanist Steve Perlman rappels into the Kalalau Valley, a biodiversity hotspot on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.


Extreme Botany: The Precarious Science of Endangered Rare Plants

They don’t make the headlines the way charismatic animals such as rhinos and elephants do. But there are thousands of critically endangered plants in the world, and a determined group of botanists are ready to go to great lengths to save them.

By Janet Marinelli

2018 Yale Environment 360 Video Contest

2018 Yale Environment 360 Video Contest

The winners of our annual contest honoring the best short environmental films.


    In Sicily, A Plague of Cancer Overwhelms an Oil Refinery Town


    For Iranian Villagers, A Dam Uproots a Rural Way of Life


    Off the African Coast, a Struggle to Revive a Battered Fishery

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