Trees felled for a cocoa plantation inside the Scio Forest Reserve in western Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast has lost more than 80 percent of its forests in the last 50 years, mainly to cocoa production. The government has a plan to turn over management of former forest to international chocolate manufacturers: Is it a conservation strategy or a land grab?

By Fred Pearce


The Rosewood Trade: An Illicit Trail from Forest to Furniture

The most widely traded illegal wild product in the world today is rosewood, an endangered hardwood prized for its use in traditional Chinese furniture. An e360 investigation follows the trail of destruction and corruption from the forests of Madagascar to furniture showrooms in China.

By Sandy Ong and Edward Carver

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The Central Arizona Project canal carries water from the Colorado River nearly 200 miles to Phoenix. The city gets 40 percent of its water supply from the Colorado, with households and businesses in the northern half of the city relying entirely on the river for their water.


In Era of Drought, Phoenix Prepares for a Future Without Colorado River Water

Once criticized for being a profligate user of water, fast-growing Phoenix has taken some major steps — including banking water in underground reservoirs, slashing per-capita use, and recycling wastewater — in anticipation of the day when the flow from the Colorado River ends. Fourth in a series.

By Jim Robbins / Photography by Ted Wood

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