Farmer Abdul Majed was forced to switch from growing rice to raising shrimp after saltwater intruded into his paddies in Khulna, Bangladesh.

As rising seas increase saltwater intrusion and soaring temperatures cause greater evaporation, scientists say that the mounting levels of salt in waters and in soils pose a major climate-related danger and could become a leading cause of climate migration globally.

By Fred Pearce


A Quiet Revolution: Southwest Cities Learn to Thrive Amid Drought

Facing a changing climate, some southwestern U.S. cities such as San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas have embraced innovative strategies for conserving and sourcing water, providing these metropolitan areas with sufficient water supplies to support their growing populations.

By Jim Robbins / Photography by Ted Wood

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A controlled burn near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland.


Bringing Back Fire: How Burning Can Help Restore Eastern Lands

For millennia, North American ecosystems benefited from fire, mostly set by Indigenous people. Now, a movement is growing, particularly in the eastern U.S., to reintroduce controlled burns to forests and grasslands and restore the role of fire in creating biodiverse landscapes.

By Gabriel Popkin

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