The Tuppers Lake area in western Montana.

Nations around the world are pledging to plant billions of trees to grow new forests. But a new study shows that the potential for natural forest regrowth to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and fight climate change is far greater than has previously been estimated.

By Fred Pearce


Why Bioplastics Will Not Solve the World’s Plastics Problem

Bioplastics are being touted by industry marketers as the solution to plastics pollution. But the idea that bottles and packaging made of plant-based material can simply be discarded and then break down and disappear is false – recycling and reuse are the only strategies that can work.

By Jim Robbins

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Kayakers paddling in the Delaware River near Philadelphia in 2018.


On the Delaware, A Promising New Era in Cleanup of an Urban River

Once known for its filth, the Delaware River in Philadelphia is now enjoyed by boaters who flock to its improved waters. Now, environmentalists there and across the country are pushing to ramp up the gains made and to complete the cleanup of America’s urban rivers.

By Jon Hurdle

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