A jaguar guards its prey, a white-lipped peccary, in Goiás, Brazil.

With a growing number of studies demonstrating the importance of large mammals to healthy ecosystems, scientists are proposing concrete plans to reintroduce these animals to the wild. The return of just 20 species to native habitats, they say, could be a boon to biodiversity.

By Janet Marinelli


How Russia’s War Is Putting Green Tech Progress in Jeopardy

The European Union relies heavily on Russia to supply nickel and other metals for electric vehicle batteries and other renewable technologies. War-related price increases and shortages of these metals could hinder Europe’s drive to sharply cut emissions by 2030 and beyond.

By Paul Hockenos

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Traffic in downtown Los Angeles, April 4, 2022.


Wrong Turn: America’s Car Culture and the Road Not Taken

With its highways and suburbs, modern America was built around the automobile and powered by fossil fuels. The oil crises of the 1970s provided an opportunity to change course and move to renewable energy, but any momentum achieved then proved to be very short-lived.

By Bill McKibben

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