A wind turbine operating next to the Niederaussem coal-fired power plant near Bergheim, Germany.

Although Germany has been a global leader in moving to decarbonize its massive economy, the country's ambitious clean-energy transformation is faltering. Now, a broad spectrum of energy experts are working to revitalize the effort to make Germany nearly carbon-free by mid-century.

By Paul Hockenos


After a Long Boom, an Uncertain Future for Big Dam Projects

The rise of wind and solar power, coupled with the increasing social, environmental and financial costs of hydropower projects, could spell the end of an era of big dams. But even anti-dam activists say it’s too early to declare the demise of large-scale hydro.

By Jacques Leslie

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A U.S. scientific panel reports that technologies that take CO2 out of the atmosphere could be a significant part of a strategy to mitigate global warming. In an e360 interview, Stephen Pacala, the panel’s chairman, discusses how these fast-developing technologies are becoming increasingly viable.

By Elizabeth Kolbert

Recently removed rhino horns on a private ranch in the North West province of South Africa.


‘Rhino Coin’: Can a Cryptocurrency Help Save Africa’s Rhinoceroses?

South African ranchers who raise rhinos are supporting a virtual currency, backed by stockpiles of valuable rhino horn, to fund protection of the threatened animals. But their hopes rest on the long-shot gamble that the global ban on the horn trade will be lifted.

By Adam Welz

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