Cherokee Prairie Natural Area near Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Native prairie and savanna once covered vast areas of the U.S. Southeast from Maryland to Texas, but agriculture and sprawl have left only small patches remaining. Now, a new initiative, driven by scientists and local communities, is pushing to restore these imperiled grassland habitats.

By Janet Marinelli


Fuzzy Math: The Strategy Behind the Trump EPA’s Deregulation Push

Polluters have long exaggerated the cost of new regulations and downplayed their benefits. Now, the Trump administration is turning that approach into policy as it seeks to slash regulations governing power plant emissions and weaken other environmental laws.

By Beth Gardiner

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A view of Earth from the International Space Station.


Geoengineer the Planet? More Scientists Now Say It Must Be an Option

Human intervention with the climate system has long been viewed as an ill-advised and risky step to slow global warming. But with carbon emissions soaring, initiatives to study and develop geoengineering technologies are gaining traction as a potential last resort.

By Fred Pearce

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