EBay Bans Ivory Sale After Pressure Over Elephant Poaching

Online auction giant eBay, bowing to mounting pressure from conservationists concerned about the poaching of African and Asian elephants, will ban the sale of ivory products on its website. EBay made
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Wildlife Trust of India
Ivory seized in India
the announcement on the eve of the release of a report by the International Fund for Animal Welfare that documents the online sale of products derived from endangered species. The group found more than 7,000 online listings for rare feathers, pelts and products carved from elephant ivory — most of them on eBay. “We simply can’t ensure that ivory listed for sale on eBay is in compliance with the complex regulations that govern its sale,” Richard Brewer-Hay wrote on the company’s blog, eBay Link. Items containing large amounts of ivory, including chess sets and jewelry, will not be allowed for sale. Pianos made with a small amount of ivory will be permitted, but only if produced before 1900. The ban will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2009.