Nations Set Heat Records As Summer Temperatures Scorched Asia

Six nations across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa experienced record high temperatures this summer, as for the second consecutive summer meteorologists reported some of the highest temperatures in

Forum: Is Extreme Weather
Linked to Global Warming?

Forum: Is Extreme Weather Linked to Global Warming?
In the past year, the world has seen a large number of extreme weather events. In a Yale Environment 360 forum, a panel of experts weighs in on whether the wild weather may be tied to increasing global temperatures.
recorded history. According to the Weather Underground blog, the hottest undisputed temperatures ever recorded in Asia have occurred during the last two summers, including temperatures of 127.9 degrees F (53.3 degrees C) in Mitrabah, Kuwait on Aug. 3; 127.4 F in Tallil, Iraq, on Aug. 3; and 127.4 F in Dehloran, Iran on July 28. The hottest undisputed temperature ever recorded in Asia occurred on May 26, 2010, when the mercury hit 128.3 F in Moenjodaro, Pakistan. According to weather data, six nations have set temperature records this summer, including Armenia and the Republic of Congo. Twenty nations set records last summer. In Russia, scientists recorded the highest temperature at a manned reporting station — 111.7 F in the Kalmykia Republic on July 30. Three higher temperatures have been recorded at automated stations. According to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this July was the seventh-warmest in recorded history; NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies called it the third-warmest July on record.