Electric Vehicle Charging Network in London Nearly Doubled

The city of London, which has set a goal of becoming the “electric car capital” of Europe, has launched a new network of 150 charging stations, increasing the total number of stations citywide to more than 400. Calling a lack of charging points the biggest hurdle to the wider adoption of electric vehicle technology, Mayor Boris Johnson said city residents will see new stations popping up throughout the city within the so-called Source London network. Under the program, electric car owners will pay a £100 annual membership that will enable them to plug their vehicles into charging stations on roadways, car parks, and supermarkets. A map on the Source London website illustrates the locations of each charging station. “By giving increasing numbers of drivers the confidence in electric vehicle technology, we will make a considerable contribution to improving our air quality and cutting carbon emissions,” Johnson said. By 2013, city officials hope there will be more than 1,300 charging points across London, assuring that every resident is within a mile of a station.