Editors' Note

A Brand New Look for Yale Environment 360

E360 debuts a website redesign that will enhance the ways we bring our environmental reporting and commentary to you.

Yale Environment 360 has a whole new look. Today, we are launching a redesigned version of our website – the first since we began publishing more than nine years ago. This new design will enable us to provide you with everything you have come to expect from e360 and more – a sleek, attractive site that is easy to explore and navigate, plus a host of interactive features that will enhance our storytelling and our ability to deliver striking graphics and multimedia.

We are excited about our new look, which was created by Upstatement, a Boston-based design firm. We believe it will make reading e360 a richer, fuller experience whether you view us on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

We hope you enjoy the redesign and that you will feel free to give us your feedback. Bringing over nearly a decade-worth of content to a new system was a massive undertaking, and we want to know if you find any glitches or issues that need our attention.

This marks the start of a new era for us. But one thing that will not change: our commitment to continue providing you with top-quality, in-depth reporting, opinion, and analysis on global environmental issues. That remains our mission – one that we believe is now more essential than ever.