Interview: Exploring Humanity’s Place in the Journey of the Universe

As a pioneer in the field of religion and ecology, Mary Evelyn Tucker has long believed that science and policy alone are not enough to deal with the Earth’s most pressing environmental challenges. What’s also needed,
Mary Evelyn Tucker Yale
Mary Evelyn Tucker
she says, is a spiritual or religious framework for valuing the natural world, a sense that “there is something here that’s larger than us, something that’s given birth to all life forms and sustains us.” That is the essence of a new film she co-produced, Journey of the Universe, which is premiering on PBS. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, Tucker describes the evolution of her work and how it is brought together in Journey of the Universe. While the film does not include any overt religious references, it seeks to evoke a sense of what she calls “wonder and awe.” Says Tucker, “There is a broad spiritual sensibility, which many environmentalists share, but often don’t talk about or want to name.”
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