U.S. Wind Energy Industry Continued Strong Growth in 2009

The U.S. wind energy industry continued to expand in 2009, with a record 10,000 megawatts of new power installed nationwide, enough to provide electricity for 2.4 million homes, according to the annual report of the American Wind Energy Association. The manufacture of new wind turbines also continued

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Wind power industry growth, 1995-2009
to grow, albeit at a slower pace than 2008, with 10 new manufacturing plants opened nationwide, nine plant expansions, and the announcement of 20 new plants. Thirty-six states now have utility-scale wind power projects, according to the report. And while Texas still claims the most installed wind power capacity among the 50 states, Iowa has the highest percentage of total energy produced by wind, with 14 percent of its electricity coming from wind power. According to the industry group, the nation’s total capacity of 35,000 megawatts will eliminate 62 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, or the equivalent of taking 10.5 million cars off the road. General Electric was the top producer of wind turbines, while NextEra Energy Resources was the leader in wind farm ownership.